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Affordable used car for college students.

"The best and easiest process  to buy an used car for college students' tight budget. We highly recommend Mendoza Auto Sales. We got a great deal on a small SUV."

If you don't see your dream car. It can be found.

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Winter Texans prefer Mendoza Auto Sales

"We were recomended by other winter Texans, who had already been recommended to Mendoza Auto Sales. Whether you opt to finance the car or buy it cash, this dealership is not about the big profit, but rather to put you into the right vehicle within your budget."

Better than large online sellers

"This car dealer is better than other big dealerships. I flew from Houston into Harlingen. Mendoza Auto Sales sent a driver to pick me up, took me to lunch, and then I drove back two hours later in my new ride. Prompt and transparent process from the beginning, providing vehicle history, pictures and videos of  various cars in inventory, and smooth closing and delivery at the car lot. Electronic payment accepted, so you don't have to worry about traveling with cash in hand."

Cash Deals

"If you are looking for a cash deal, call Mendoza Auto Sales in Donna, TX. You won't find a better deal in the entire RGV."

RGV Customers

- "Mendoza Auto Sales works with your budget."

- "If you've a current passport, they can finance you."

- "Low down & flexible biweekly and montly payments."

- "Clean title automobiles offer peace of mind to transport your family to work, school, and on vacation.

- "Always look for an used car dealership with in house and outside financing. Choose according to your budget."

Eddie 'The Musician'

“After my car broke down, I’d sometimes drive my boss’ car or ride my bike, because no one was willing to finance me a car. I am now on my second automobile. Mendoza Auto Sales first worked patiently with me with only $500 down through their unique Buy Here, Pay Here Program. I highly recommend it. I am now only a few months away from paying off my second car through a bank. Don’t waste your time elsewhere, come straight forward to the Mendoza brothers in Donna, TX.”  -Eddie 'The Musician'



Lino González

 “Good customer service. Real polite sales people.”  -Lino Gonzalez

Amy Flores

 “After I’ve already applied at major dealerships and my application was denied, I came to Mendoza Auto Sales and I left with a 2017 Nissan automobile with warranty included and flexible payments for a full-time college student with two jobs.” -Amy Flores